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Renaissance Consultations celebrating 20 years in business, 1998-2018

Sam Jernigan, Publishing Consultant
S.A. "Sam" Jernigan
Publishing Consultant
Director of Business Development

Whether you’re already a published author

....OR just hoping to be


Having spent over 20 years in the publishing trenches, I can speak firsthand to the sea changes which have occurred in this venerable industry…ones which having resulted in so many authors and would-be authors feeling adrift -- or downright shipwrecked(!). It’s all become quite bewildering indeed...

I excited I was when opening the cardboard cartons and FINALLY seeing and holding those first editions of books and audiobooks we worked for monnnths to produce at the publishing company where I was employed in the mid-90's -- what a joy, and it literally felt like a long-awaited "birth."

So I understand well the beginning-to-end process of CREATION and want YOU to experience this same sense of pride and satisfaction, even if your "firstborn" arrives via a download to your ideal reader's Kindle! And, by the way, that publishing company, Hambleton Hill Publishing, also owned Associated Publishers Group, the fourth largest book distribution company in the U.S. -- so my introduction to this industry was a very comprehensive one. One which equipped me from the outset to also understand the behind-the-scenes complexities of getting a book onto retail shelves.

Which is why utilizing a publishing consultant (like yours truly) can be invaluable in setting your course and enjoying smoooooth sailing given today's vast ocean of publishing possibilities – think of me as your compass for finding True North. Not sure where this nautical inspiration came from...but you get the idea.

And just as each written work is unique, so too is each client’s need for assistance -- so a CUSTOM map needs to be charted accordingly.

Perhaps you’re a newbie to the publishing arena and have NO idea how to get started -- a perfectly reasonable response in light of the now-staggering variety of choices, by the way! And given the very complex maze of decision-making involved at a variety of upcoming junctures inside this process, you're feeling like you don't want to go it alone.

OR are you an established author interested in having your titles promoted?

Maybe you're intrigued by the possibility of reaping the financial rewards of higher royalties via today's game-changing self-publishing route but don't know how to get underway, or how to best leverage this sizable marketing opportunity -- especially if you also have an established audience of readers.

For any of these scenarios -- or whatever YOUR specific needs -- I’m here to help in providing a truly comprehensive scope of services.

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Here’s an overview of ways I can be of help to you -- consider this a menu and select ONLY the ones your project needs (e.g. NO one-size-fits-all philosophy here!):

Pre-publication: Strategic, creative & technical assistance

Guidance on which route to take: traditional publishing or self-publishing -- including overview of the complexities of trade book distribution, e.g. physically getting a book onto shelves in brick-and-mortar stores, etc.

Competitive market research and development of book proposals including innovative strategies for maximum exposure on Amazon

Writing assistance, ghostwriting, manuscript development, novelization projects (e.g. film scripts-into-books)

Proofing, editing, interior layout, cover artwork, and the all-important marketing copy (back jacket)
Acquiring endorsements, reviews

Liaison and advisory services for whatever publication route is selected including overseeing all aspects of digital self-publishing projects

Post-publication: Launch & aggressive promotion -- after all, no one can buy a book if they don't know it exists!

Customized press kits (including a crossover business development component when relevant)
Seasoned publicist for tailored media campaigns: local, regional, national

Targeting of niche populations in marketing your title to its ideal audience and driving book $ales

Production of book "trailer" videos, speaker's videos, plus editing of TV and radio interviews into compilation clips

Cross-promotional strategies to incorporate other aspects of your business/professional goals with your book marketing campaign (including pursuit of guest speaking opportunities, etc.)

Special use ebook: To facilitate various types of commercial objectives, ebooks are often created which are privately distributed or sold -- so these are outside the mainstream “book world" (e.g. not sold via Amazon for Kindle, et al.). As entrepreneurial zeal resonates with me, these projects are especially of interest and I can assist in creating these on your behalf as well as assisting in strategic planning to leverage the value this customized communication tool will provide for your project, business, nonprofit, etc.

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DID YOU KNOW even large publishing houses only promote a new title for a short while (if at all) -- so if you're [going to be] an author, YOU will need to oversee your title's promotion, period. This is yet another example of a little-known albeit key reality in the publishing industry.

Here are some examples of bookings obtained for my clients, many of whom were first-time authors:

(NOTE: media stats cited reflect the time of booking.).

media bookings acquired for clients including CNN, People, L.A. Times, Associated Press, Today Show, Oprah Winfrey Show, USA Today, Elle, U.S. News & World Report, Entrepreneur and also Christian media including The 700 Club, Charisma Magazine, Christian Post, K-LOVE, Salem Radio Network et al.

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ready to get in touch?

CALL 530.362.1339 (PST)

OR send email NOW!

Cheers & I'm looking forward to hearing from YOU ~

S.A. "Sam" Jernigan
Director of Business Development

From a few author clients:

multiple authors' recommendations for Sam Jernigan, publishing consultant, Renaissance Consultations: Melinda Monaghan, Still Life Enterprises, Thomas E. Cochrane, River Beach Press, Donna Richardson Robbinso of DRR Press, Dr. Michael Carlston, Vivian Percy, Dr. Thomas K. Stern, Kelly Bryson, MFT

Author and attorney Dr. Tom Stern endorses Sam Jernigan of Renaissance Consultations

From a longtime publisher:

recommendation by publisher Dawson Church, Ph.D., Elite Books and Energy Psychology Press for Sam Jernigan and Renaissance Consultations

And here's a quote from a TV producer (2021):

quote for Sam Jernigan, publicist, from features producer, The 700 Club TV show

And from a new publisher for their first multi-award winning title:

recommendation by Guy Conner, President, Standing Still Press for Sam Jernigan and Renaissance Consultations

One of my first client
testimonials (1999):

recommendation by author Dr. Lucy Papillon for Sam Jernigan and Renaissance Consultations

A brief note of explanation:

After acquiring a booking for Dr. Papillon on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the show's staff later sourced a feature article I'd similarly acquired for her inDallas Morning News logo as part of their routine background check. Alas, as a result of the notoriety Dr. Papillon had gained as a key witness in what was known as Texas's "trial of the century" -- a fact I had been unaware of when commencing work on her book's behalf -- her invitation to appear on the show was subsequently withdrawn. Thus Lucy's reference to a "tough media tour" as it was her decision to return to Texas and engage in extensive media interviews. But you can well imagine how disappointed we both were!

A booking was secured for the Homes of Hope project on The Today Show and we worked closely with their producers in compiling a time-sensitive video of HOH's mega volunteer build event for the poor of 25-homes-in-one-weekend in Mexico. However, even though everything was on-track for a Memorial Day airing the next day (including numerous back/forths in supplying them the footage the night before), as the event was being held out of the country, the segment was bumped at the last minute in preference of stories which related more closely to honoring veterans.

Because of these two unique instances, this is why you'll see the reference to "bookings" acquired on the rotating roster of publicicity on this page whereas all the other media cited resulted in actual media exposure for Renaissance's clients.

Renaissance Consultations has been serving entrepreneurs, authors, companies, and nonprofits since 1998:

Renaissance Consultations -- celebrating 20 years: 1998-2018

CALL 530.362.1339 (PST)

OR send email

Some of the titles I've represented:

books represented and promoted by Renaissance Consultations
Click here to enlarge

Comprehensive book development services:

From inception through manuscript development, editing/proofing, interior layout + book jacket creation, garnering pre-publication reviews & endorsements, publishing (including for the U.S. library market), in-store + online retail distribution & customized publicity and promotion...e.g. "comprehensive" indeed!

client books created from scratch, published, and promoted by Renaissance Consultations

One Maestro's Journey cover - A Celebrated Life of Music & Ingenuity

Developed in its entirety for a client based in Texas: One Maestro's Journey -- A Celebrated Life of Music & Ingenuity. This is a complex book consisting of 50+ historic B/W photos and images which are housed in "sidebars," creating a uniquely immersive reader experience in introducing this bygone era in classical music via the firsthand tales of Maestro Heinrich Hammer (1862-1954).

In addition to the glowing endorsement by the Music Director & Conductor of the National Philharmonic on the book's back jacket, here's this review from a longstanding resource relied upon by booksellers and librarians nationwide since 1976, the Midwest Book Review:

"Critique: An inherently fascinating and surprisingly detailed memoir, "One Maestro's Journey: A Celebrated Life of Music & Ingenuity" is an extraordinary account that is exceptionally well written, organized and presented, making it an ideal and unreservedly recommended addition to community and academic library American Biography and American Music History collections."

Publishers Weekly logoAnd here's the stellar review the book received from Publishers Weekly, known as "the bible of the publishing industry".

Learn more about this step-back-in-time memoir and read vintage newspaper articles featuring the author from the Washington Post, Washington Times, Los Angeles Times and others:
(I created this webpage, link will open in new browser window)

NOTE: his new title debuted at #11 in its main genre on Amazon during its initial launch period -- quite an accomplishment given the tough competition inside this category which includes biographies on venerable composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and the host of other long-established classical music giants -- (screenshot will open in new window)

This title is available via all major bookstore chains and independent bookstores nationwide, and also libraries.

Tornados, Rattlesnakes & Oil -- A Wildcatter's Memories of Hunting for Black Gold cover

Developed in its entirety for a client based in Sonoma County (where so many of my referrals still originate): Tornados, Rattlesnakes & Oil -- A Wildcatter's Memories of Hunting for "Black Gold". This was the second from-scratch title created for this client, author Thomas E. Cochrane (see Shaping the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast below).

It debuted as the
No. 1 New Release on Amazon in its main genre
on Amazon in its main genre
during its launch (screenshot will open in new window).

Along with other stellar pre-publication reviews this new title obtained (including the one featured on the book's back jacket by the Oklahoma Historical Society), here's this review from a longstanding resource relied upon by booksellers and librarians nationwide since 1976, the Midwest Book Review:

Critique: Exceptionally well written, exceptionally candid, impressively informative, and a simply riveting read from cover to cover, "Tornados, Rattlesnakes & Oil: A Wildcatter's Memories of Hunting for Black Gold" is unreservedly recommended for community, college, and university library Contemporary American Biography collections. -- Midwest Book Review, published in Small Press Bookwatch magazine, October 2018 (link will open in new browser window)

Tornados, Rattlesnakes & Oil was also named a Finalist for the da Vinci Eye in recognizing:

"...superior cover artwork. Cover art is judged on both content and style. The da Vinci Eye is given in honor of the historic artist, scientist, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci. This is an additional distinction beneath the Eric Hoffer Award umbrella. The Eric Hoffer Award honors the memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer by highlighting salient writing, as well as the independent spirit of small publishers. Since its inception, the Hoffer has become one of the largest international book awards for small, academic, and independent presses."

This title is available via all major bookstore chains and independent bookstores nationwide, including several museum gift shops, and also libraries. And here's the now-comprehensive website I've created for the three books I've now published for this author:
(link will open in new browser window).

Shaping the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast by Thomas E. Cochrane cover

Shaping the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast -- Exploring the Coastal Geology of Northern California by Thomas E. Cochrane, Geologist. This book is a complex nonfiction title which also includes nearly 50 diagrams, maps, and color photos.

Obtained pre-publication endorsements ideal for this title which is now being retailed in 45+ regional retail locations including all 8 locations of the top indie bookstore chain, Copperfield's Books, as well as a CA Welcome Center, numerous regional Visitors Centers, and two CA State parks thus far, plus it's also available on Amazon -- on the day it was published, the book had already received a sizable feature article in a local newspaper and my author was a guest on a (PBS) news/talk radio show for an hour-long interview. The first week the title was in distribution, over 60 people attended a standing-room-only event for the author at a local bookstore.

Read about this title's comprehensive launch including major regional publicity during its launch and roll out. As a result, first, it made it into the TOP 25 on Amazon's bestseller list in one of its genres -- and then, in conjunction with back-to-back author events, it hit #5 in Coastal and made it into the top 100 Geology books (competing with titles nationally even though it's solely a regional book for two N. CA counties).

NOTE: all marketing efforts geared to driving sales to the 4+ dozen local retailers carrying this book -- so this significant Amazon bump was just an add-on benefit vs. "the goal."

Also see the growing roster of public speaking opportunities I secured for this author plus learn more about this ideal primer for those interested in the often mysterious interplay of water, wind, earthquakes, and other geologic events, processes, and stressors at work in the natural world…(on this website I also built):
(link will open in new browser window)

Tractors, Trains & Shipwrecks -- Yesteryear Recollections of Sonoma County cover

"Tractors, Trains & Shipwrecks -- Yesteryear Recollections of Sonoma County": developed this entire book from scratch on my client's behalf (ms. development, copyediting, title, cover artwork/back jacket text, interior layout, all graphics + publication) as she initially just brought me this collection of her late father's handwritten stories -- he was an accomplished community leader (incl. County Supervisor) and they're members of one of Sonoma County's founding ranching families.

LEARN more about these vintage tales set in the 1920s, 30s & beyond:
(link will open in new browser window)

Have setup all specialty retail distribution (30+ stores) for this gift book in the Sonoma County region (including three museums, one in Sacramento). Also secured pre-publication high profile endorsements and acquired extensive publicity/promo, plus created the book's website.

NOTE: this client's goal was exclusively a focus on local retail distribution vs. driving online sales.

Renaissance representation policy:

Non-fiction genres including business, memoirs, and personal growth/self-help (no New Age) books are my forte. Of keen interest are unique themes created for niche audiences.

Projects will be assessed for commercial viability -- non-commercial memoirs or collections of family stories meant for limited/personal distribution are also welcome.

Media representation is dependent upon a variety of factors and an offer of representation will be made following an evaluation process to determine publicity viability.

websites created for author clients by Sam Jernigan of Renaissance Consultations

READ other author "reviews" of my work on their behalf throughout the site...additional feedback from [most of] these & other clients also appears on:

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